Small Things That Will Save You Time

The number one complaint most people have is that they often feel like they don’t have enough time to do everything they want to and have to. It’s true that in today’s fast paced society we often have too much to do with too little time, but a lot of it also comes down to poor time management. Little habits could be causing you to lose hours in a day. Changes in the office like using document management could be saving you hours.

Document management will make office life a lot easier for everybody, especially if you often have to work in groups on a single document. There will be no endless emails with edits and changes; instead there is one central document that everyone can work on. The time saved with this is hours upon hours.

The fault could also be with you. You might think that five minutes spent checking Instagram or Facebook is harmless, but if you do that twelve times a day, that’s a full hour. Let’s be honest, most people check more than twelve times. Try and add together all the time you waste by checking your phone in a day and you’ll be surprised. Those five minutes scrolling through meaningless posts could have been spent replying to that important email you haven’t had a chance to respond to yet. The half hour on the commute to work could have been spent completely catching up on your emails altogether. This is an example of how easily time is wasted and how easy it actually is to complete all our tasks, if we only used our time better.

document management

If you find it really difficult to not check your social media, try to turn the notifications off during your work day.